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While speaking, I often use conditional statements, and I make small algorithms in my head in order to resolve my wife's shopping list. Obviously, I'm a software developer.

I organize my fridge in such a manner so that there is always a possibility of making more space for dynamic loading of content, and I pay special attention to the way my mayonnaise is lined up with ketchup, and cheese with salami. I’m a designer too.

I measure the quality of knowledge and gained experience by the quantity of coffee used to achieve it. My full professional experience weights a grand total of Cups of Coffee.

  • responsive web design
  • content management system (CMS) development
  • online store (eCommerce) development
  • custom web application development
  • upgrades & technical maintenance
Tell me something about your project and I will reply as soon as possible. Information about you and your project will not be shared with anyone, nor used for any purpose other than estimation of the price.

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about me icon   About Me

My name is Vladimir Janjusevic and I am a Web Developer and an UX/Web Designer, based in Trondheim, Norway. I make websites, the good ones and lots of them. As a matter of fact, if you find a good website somewhere, there is 0,000002541% chance that I had something to do with it.

It began as a hobby, but today I create websites for living, facing various requirements of each project, trying and learning something new with each of them. I've created numerous websites, web based solutions and apps, by myself or in collaboration with other designers and developers, through my full-time employment as well as a freelancer. I watched internet technologies grow, and I watched some of them die...

Other than that, I play basketball, video games and bass guitar. I like photography and architecture. I prefer coffee over tea. I like pizza and cola. Can't get enough of that crap, so I know how I'm gonna die. I'm interested in sound engineering, and I make music. At least I did before, when I had time and a life. Oh yea, I also make children. I have two of those creatures now.

skills icon   Skills

So, I've been working on my skills for many years now. I would like to brag about it now, if I may. I've delivered numerous responsive and accessible solutions to various clients, and have gained experience in digital design, front and back-end web development, app development, use of different APIs, integration with 3rd-party systems, data security, debugging, technical support, SEO etc.

Coffee coefficient
Front-end web development
html5 css3 jquery backbone angular
Back-end web development
php mysql wordpress drupal laravel
Mobile app development
xcode objective-c ionic
UX design
UI/web/graphic design
photoshop illustrator
Search engine optimization

skills icon   Work



Found a new hobby: making websites. I've discovered ancient tools called Dreamweaver and Flash, used for carving stone-sites into stone network. I played a little bit with it, and then I switched to code view. Not long after it became my profession. I started working on my first projects as a freelancer, and on my first personal web application - a marketplace for new and used musical equipment.


Started with my casual part-time employment as a developer with Mediavista in Belgrade Serbia.

Freelancing. Mostly websites and graphic design projects for small businesses.


Working with Mediavista. Our professional relationship is project based, but during this year it almost hit a full-time rate. I'll mention projects with sounding names to try to have them add some more credibility to mine: Serbian Bank website and websites for official car dealers for Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge (all part of Fiat Automobili Serbia family). My engagement included full back-end and front-end development, as well as extra features like interactive 360 degree car presentations, bank loan calculators etc.


Worked with Mediavista on a few outsourced projects for clients in USA.

From March I worked full-time at Solution Studio, a small design agency in Belgrade. Have developed company's redesigned website and several websites for clients like Zepter International Serbia (Zepter Real Estate, Zepter Museum virtual tour) and different small businesses. We ended our cooperation in October since I moved to Norway.


Working from my new home in Trondheim Norway, as a contractor for Mediavista: Making a website for Lancia Serbia designed by Lancia's international designer team, and promotional websites for a few Lancia and Fiat car models.
Freelancing. Designing and developing websites for several clients from Norway and USA. Launched my personal website too. Yes, this one. Got mentioned on some respected websites and blogs for design inspiration. Felt proud.
In November I started working with Klapp Media in Trondheim.


In 2013 I had a pleasure to work with Klapp Media as a developer on many projects. Let's mention Trøndelag Teater, redesign of Trøndelag Reiseliv websites (trondelag.com, roros.no, visitcoastalnorway.com...), Retursamarbeidet Loop, Olavsfestdagene, Lederne Magazine, Visindi,... I learned a lot about advanced topics of my job like security, integration with other systems etc.
This year I also started developing mobile apps, mostly iOS.


Still at Klapp. We have made a website for 3T, by far the largest fitness chain in central Norway. It was a fairly big project that included many features and functionality like membership, schedule with hundreds of activities per month, booking, optimization for high traffic, synchronization and integration with client's business system etc.
Also, I've developed Mindfit iPhone app, and a few smaller websites, all for Klapp.


Still Klapping. The biggest project for me this year was ElitePT, a web-based fitness app. I also had a role in development of redesigned ITavisen.no, probably the most popular Norwegian online tech magazine. I did some improvements on Klapp's website and we've designed and developed work-work.no. Made a few smaller websites.


Loading the content for 2016... Estimated time left: days
If I manage to finish the time travel app this year as planned, I might be able to finish the rest of this list soon.


Experience gained at
Coffee coefficient
Klapp Media AS, Trondheim
coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean
Mediavista, Belgrade
coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean
Solution Studio, Belgrade
coffee bean coffee bean
Freelance and personal projects
coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean coffee bean

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